Another Right of Publicity Suit Against a Strip Club

By Jennifer E. Rothman
October 29, 2015

Yet another right of publicity lawsuit against a strip club was filed yesterday for the alleged use of models' images to promote the club without their permission. This suit was filed in California state court against the Play Pen gentleman’s club in Los Angeles, a venue that unsuccessfully tried to stop the popular video game, Grand Theft Auto, from displaying a similar strip club, named Pig Pen, in one of its editions. Claims here are for both statutory and common law right of publicity violations under California law.  Of particular note, the lawsuit is brought by Timed Out which claims that it has been assigned the right to sue on behalf of the models. This is at least the third lawsuit filed this month against strip clubs (the other two were filed in New York).  Perhaps a concerted effort is afoot.

Complaint, Timed Out LLC v. Pajounia (Cal. Sup. Ct., filed Oct. 27, 2015)